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During my time on roleplaying, I have seen a lot of things but at the moment, there has been too much damage done by OC (Prime) haters in the Transformers universe. There has been pages on Facebook deleted because of this! Too much damage has been done to the admins and this is just proving that the haters need to grow up and mature enough to see that not all of us cause drama. We do it for fun! We only roleplay as OC's because of 3 reasons: 1. Because it gives a little spice in the universe and adds a few things to make it interesting. 2: Because we can't live up to the legacy of the real characters like some others have done. 3. But most of all, it allows us a chance to bond with others that have the same interest. For those that are against this "Cyber-bullying" please just sign this petition to show to others that we have rights to do what we get to do.



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    1 year ago Comments: progressive/Marxist curriculum claeld Cscope is a a0that has been implemented in nearly 80% of thea0Texas Schools. a0 Parents have not been a0aware that it is in their schools due the fact that homework is
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    1 year ago Comments: And to think I was going to talk to soemnoe in person about this. mmwtqetsn qtvksxk
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    Emiliana, Lebanon

    1 year ago Comments: If there is no reason to hide infarmotion on nobama why will they not produce it? Looks very suspicious!!! Unfortunately..the people who drank the kool aid are comfortable with having infarmotion taken away from them.
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