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Rogiet residents against Council Tax rise

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Residents of a little village in Monmouthshire, Wales, are being taxed more than residents in most towns in the same county because of a more than 35% rise in the amount requested by the Rogiet Community Council. Rogiet has one shop/Post Office and a filling station/convenience shop, no library, no leisure centre, no local amenities other than those in the nearby town of Caldicot which has a lower rate of Council Tax than Rogiet. We believe the residents of Rogiet deserve an explanation for this massive increase from the chairman of the Rogiet Community Council and a pledge that next year's precept (the amount they request from the Monmouthshire County Council - via its rate of Council Tax) be reduced by AT LEAST 35%. We also call on the leader of the Monmouthshire County Council to ensure this is done!


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