Get it right dA!

Over the past week, a lot of insane stuff has been happening on deviantART. First off, my friend Firedarkdragon has had most of her work removed my the admins, simply because they had music clips attatched to them. They could've warned her first but no, they just go ahead and delete them without warning. Second, ArmorKabuto has been driven away from deviantART because they removed all of his sprite comics, despite the fact that they were his own work. And last of all, Phoenixprincessdranz was suspended last week for posting a chain letter, a chain letter!!!!!! As if these things haven't been sent around before. Basicly, they let people get away with stealing other people's artwork and pass it off as their own, or flood innocent people's pages with hurtful comments, yet they do this to people who deserve better treatment Something's not right here. Once I get enough signatures, I'll send this to the admins.


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    Stella Clawe, United States

    7 years ago Comments: I don't understand why dA has be doing all these weird things. I'm afraid that my random giftart stuff on my account, shadowdeath-wolf-666, might be removed becasue I didn't art if I could use the character, but that's why it's called random giftart.
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    zorda2097, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: This is totally crap, i understand where you are coming from, and deviant art are doing wrong... Well, i'll leave at that....
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    Lee-Lee, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Yeah, I got art deleted, and they didn't give me a warning or anything! It's unfair! I didn't knwo I was breaking the rules! =( I think something should be done to stop this nonsesne, GET IT RIGHT DA! XD
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