Justice for Erik Meza

Robert Erik Meza was killed while playing flag football. He was deliberatley hit from behind by a player from the opposing team. The other player was not defending the ball or playing the game he was trying to start a fight because his team was losing. He pushed Erik so hard from behing Erik flew in the air flipping and landed on his head causing him to die. Erik never seen the other player coming, he was playing a non contact sport where pushing/tackling is not allowed. The prosecuter will not prosecute the person who pushed Erik because they can not find a sporting event case where a death was involved that was chargeable. If precedent in this matter has not been set maybe it time to set a precendent. How many people do you know that have died from flag football I can only think of one. The prosecuter says that because Erik was playing a game in an arena he put himself in harms way. Flag football is a non contact sport; you do not go into the arena thinking you are going to die. The line has to be drawn when it is no longer considered a game.


Rachel Trevino Linda Itani


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    maria villarreal, United States

    3 years ago State: TX
    Country: US
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    Melissa Vanderleek, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Were you there watching the game Do you know what happened No Then keep your mouth SHUT. Erik knew the conditions they were playing in. He would have had to sign the waiver to play. He KNEW the risks. It DOES NOT MATTER if it is a non contact sport. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. He was NOT deliberately shoved, it was an ACCIDENT, and those who actually witnessed what happened, can testify for that. It is unfortunate that he died, but it was an ACCIDENT. Accept that.
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    Terry England, United States

    7 years ago State: MI
    Country: US
    Comments: Always thinking about you Erik! I miss you brother!
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