Unethical behavior by Timothy Kreger Soccer Coach

Timothy Kreger is an Assistant Soccer Coach at Liberty High School in Liberty Pennsylvania during his Tenure as a coach he has demonstrated that he can use his position to befriend players in order to get closer to there mothers for affairs and other romantic interludes. He has demonstrated this twice openly in the neighborhood and has propositioned other mothers who turned him down as well there are other mothers that had Romantic interludes with him that wish to remain anonymous due to fear of damaging their family. He is currently married but separated with 3 children of his own he had an affair and broke up a family of four in Trout Run and most recent he has devastated my family of 7. If you believe that this behaviour is unethical and Immoral and wish to not have him recommended to be Soccer Coach at Liberty High School next year please sign this petition


This petition was created by Robert Harding in an effort to save future family\'s from being devastated as mine was rob_harding61@yahoo.com


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    Natalie Brown, United States

    8 years ago
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    Black Ninja, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Wow whoever did this must not play for him.... Tim Kreger is prolly the best coach we have at Liberty. He lets us be ourselves... To a point... So if you dont play for him you shouldnt have a say in this "so shut your hole"... J.V. Player For Life!
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    Joe Harding(sorry i didnt get the name change yet), United States

    8 years ago Comments: hey daddy dickhead..your gonna find it pretty hard to get tim fired when hes got a lot more support then he does otherwise...dont worry my petition is doin pretty well tho. dont take it personal you had your chances..in fact 14 years worth. and now your upset so lets take a personal vendetta out on tim kreger because your slutty little girlfriend(erin roupp)..wants a way to get back at him.
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