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Petition to Induct Reggie "The Riverton Rifle" Leach into the Hockey Hall of Fame

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Whereas Reggie Leach was born and played his minor hockey back in our home town. The Rifle fired his first 500 here, then slapped his way into the NHL.

Whereas some of us weren't always fair to the Native kid on borrowed skates. Chippy Goolies and Ukrainians in the corners with our elbows up.

Whereas Reggie, on a playoff run, could make a dad go buy the new TV and put his youngest by the window, place the split antenna in her tiny hands.

Whereas photos from the old Tribune of Reggie smiling with the Stanley Cup curled their corners, dropped off bedroom walls. Left a square of where they used to be.

Therefore we, the undersigned, put forth his name to the Hockey Hall of Fame.


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    Alex Fernandez United States
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    Cam Mundle Canada
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    Stephanie Evans United States
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    Titus Parker United States
    3 weeks ago
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