Allow Laying Hens in the City of Edmonton

I am adding my name to the growing numbers of citizens asking for ‘Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw 13145’ to be amended toallow laying hens within the City of Edmonton.

Chickens have lived symbiotically with humans for thousands of years for a large variety of sensible reasons. As pets, they are friendly and social. Hens are quieter than, and pose no risk of aggressive violence like dogs. They’re more easily contained than an outdoor cat. By virtue of their small size, hens are better suited to the small spaces offered by the urban environment than many pets currently allowed by the bylaw.
Unlike other pets, hens provide the following benefits to their owners and community:

high quality local food [eggs]chemical-free insect control in gardensreduced haulage of city waste by consuming household kitchen wasterich soil amendment from composted manureincreased connection to one’s food sourceincreased local food security
In keeping with Edmonton’s progressive nature, I ask that council follow the lead of many cities who have already led the way [Vancouver, Victoria, Guelph, Portland, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, etc], and allow hens within the City of Edmonton.




  • Jill Thomson We have visited the excellent garden in McCauley with chickens and it is a perfect example chickens and garden working harmoniously together. We also have good friends in Brooklyn who have chickens in their back yard. If they can work in NY city, they can work in Edmonton.

  • Gudrun von Selzam I experienced hens in various towns and cities, and I love the idea!

  • Joanne macdonald I

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