Get rid of school uniforms!

School uniforms have been at Spratley Middle School the whole time I have attended it. I think we should end using the uniforms. We have to buy our own uniforms at the school I attend and some people cant afford them. Some families are struggling enough trying to just buy casual wear for their children. Other kids are being picked on about their uniforms.How they have to wear it everyday, how its too small/too big.We have to tuck in our shirts wear our clothes tight, and some people arent comfortable like that. So please sign this and stop the uniforms!


The kids of Spratley!


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    Destiny Beal

    6 months ago State: Louisiana
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    6 months ago State: North Dakota
    Country: Canada
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    Tanbi Nelson

    10 months ago State: Florida
    Country: United States
    Comments: I HATE the uniforms at my school! They say that if they let us dress down that we would end up wearing slutty things but you see girls wearing our uniforms tight and with hooped ear rings etc. It is maddness! Plus the teacher KNOW that we hate them. They literly use it as an example of things we would want to change about our school but they never change it! My school also thinks that we would get bullied if we dressed down but the school is always talking abour how we are a school of character and all that bull crap! They even make us say a pledge about it! I really hope you got your school to stop uniforms!
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