Selkirk rex out of the British Section

To Whom It May Concern. As long standing British Shorthair Breeders we are concerned & object to having the Selkirk Rex in the British section. Our objections are as follows, 1. The Selkirk Rex has two coat lengths, where as for many years the British Longhair has been frowned upon & not allowed to be shown. 2. There is no specific standard when it comes to coat or eye colour in the Uk, where as the British Shorthair has a strict standard to breed to, making it harder for breeders to produce a show quality cat. 3. They are a \"Foreign\" cat having originated in Sheridan, Montana, USA from matings between Domestic Cats outcrossed to Persians & only Later adding British to the gene pool like many other breeds. 4. The Rex Cat Club devised the standard for the Selkirks in the UK and therefore they should be judged along side other Rex coated cats. 5. We are appalled to find that long standing British judges who do not have full Rex judging status will no longer be able to judge the Imperial or Grand classes in the British Section we therefore feel this will have a devastating effect on the British breed. 6. A clear definition of the British Section is required, is it British by breed or British by origin Either way the Selkirk Rex is neither & makes a mockery of the Section name. In view of the above points we propose the Selkirk Rex breed is removed from the British Section and placed in a more appropriate section. THIS PETITION WAS SET UP SO THAT PEOPLE WHO AGREE WITH THE ABOVE POINTS COULD SIGN IT.IT IS NOT A DEBATE FOR AND AGAINST SELKIRK REX IF YOU FEEL THAT STRONGLY SET UP A FORUM WHERE PEOPLE CAN AIR THERE VIEWS. THANK YOU.


Kruzinkal british shorthair


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    Claire Richardson, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: British section should be for British cats.
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    Pippa May, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: I Fully support all the points raised.
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    Helen Lee, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Comments: I agree with the points in this petition and maybe the Gccf should have had the British Shorthair cat clubs ask there members if they wanted them in the Section.I know its hard for some members to get to meetings but there is the possibilty of Postal votes.
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