Give us the Gems back!

As many of you know we once again got screwed over on Rage of Bahamut. This time the rewards are even more pathetic then before, and we dont get gems as order rewards anymore. Making it impossible to get any decent cards for the people without a ton of feeder accounts or who are willing to pay a 200-300bucks an month for cards and hp.

If we unite our vote against this new policy of Rage of Bahamut we might make a chance to get our gemrewards back, if not this hw, then the second. And ofcourse we want the rewards to be the same as they have been before!!

The bazaar made our lives a whole lot harder on Rage of Bahamut already, and now, with these ''new rewards'' its only getting worse for the average player. As only 5000 people can get 20 or more gems weekly, everyone else only get get 10. Meaning you need a 80 weeks of saving for 800 gems for a S rare and up claimticket, comes down to 1.5 years. While i see a ton of the same players over and over again on the top 10-50 for battle rankings who only need 3-4 maybe 5 weeks for the same rewards in gem ammounts. No wonder average people never can catch up.

This time we want change, and for the better, not the worse. And i hope many of you support this, mine, and your, goal, to get this change turned back around.

Please leave a supporting message with your ingame name if you agree on this, and maybe we can get something to change for our benefits.

Also sent and spam this petition around to all you know and all forums, friends, etc you know play or are connected to Rage of Bahamut, to spread the word and get more people to join and sign up!



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    Michael Vickery, United States

    2 years ago Comments: this game only rewards hacker and cheater with feeder accounts, ive read so many complaints of people paying 20$ for booster pack, that get normal cards . happend to me too,,,,,,,,,,, never again
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    Aaron Slusher, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    cathy, United States

    2 years ago Comments: i agree with everything i above, showing how greedy you are has made me stop paying real money. your lose on 500+ dollars are month
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