Restore or Find a Better Position for Clarence the Shoeshine Vendor

We, the undersigned, as employees in the Twin Towers owned by Monday Properties, strongly urge management at Monday Properties to either restore Clarence the Shoeshine Vendor's position on the mezzanine level in between buildings, or move his worksite to the 1100 building front entrance lobby area. As you are aware, Clarence has been an invaluable asset to the businesses and employees located in the Twin Towers. More than just the service he renders, Clarence provides hundreds of passers-by a positive vibration of well-wishes and happiness. He is fixed piece of the culture here in the Towers that certainly and is irreplaceable. Placing him at the front entrance of the 1000 building is not benefiting anyone in the building--especially not Clarence and his business. His normal clientele now have more difficulty accessing his services. And now our commute between Towers doesn't have the same bouyancy and lift of positive greetings as it always did. We as the collective employees of the Twin Towers strongly urge you to restore his position, or move him to the front entrance of the 1100 front entrance lobby. We thank you in advance for your attention to this request. Sincerely,





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    Cathy Hardman, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I've worked at the Twin Towers for 8 years. Over the years, he has provided an excellent service in a manner that is hard to find anymore. I do not live by a shoe repair store anymore and I no longer know anyone who shines shoes. Clarence does his job very well and in a way that is extraordinary. Along with that, I consider Clarence to be a dear friend. He has helped me through some troubling times and is a man of great intelligence (has a degree in sociology) depth, and spirit. In this corporate setting, I find Clarence's presence and humility such a refreshing change and a reminder of the importance of community in all places. Having Clarence tucked away and hidden from the tenants is slightly inhumane and a bit segregated. Please do consider restoring his position--it's the right thing to do.
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    Debra Coleman, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I would be great to have Bro. Clarence back where he was. I miss him greeting me and others everyday, It's not the same, It's more than just about shining shoes. He has been a blessing to me and many others.
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    Marsha Isbell, United States

    5 years ago Comments: -
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