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Restore the world's ocean pH measurements

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The world's ocean pH measurements have been omitted from the modern narrative of ocean acidification, as documented at under the category 'ocean ph and acidification'.

In particular, the true records have been replaced by a misrepresentation of recorded ocean pH in a presentation to the U.S. Congress (the "feel2899.pdf" reference used in Markey U.S. Congressional 2011 hearings on climate change and ocean acidification (House Report 111 – 709)).

Accordingly we the undersigned petition the U.S. Federal Government and related branches and agencies, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), that:

1. The entire collection of ocean pH data be put back into service by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for the benefit, examination by, and education of all.

2. The ocean pH glass electrode (geph) monitoring distribution and intensity be restored to the numerical equivalent of the median of all other common ocean chemistry annual measurement records based on records .

3. NOAA will post at a prominent high traffic location within their web site, according to recognized standards, a time series graphic of mean global ocean pH from 1910 to current conditions, based purely on direct pH measurements archived at

4. NOAA and other agencies who have misrepresented the history of recorded ocean pH, will reach out to all who were misinformed by those agencies, including the U.S. Congress, and strive to correct those misrepresentations in any and every means that can reasonably be implemented for as long as that effort can reasonably be implemented.



February 20
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  • Jane Timberlake
    Jane Timberlake United States, Oakland
    Jun 04, 2016
    Jun 04, 2016
    Just the facts, please.
  • Robert Lande
    Robert Lande United States, Muscatine
    May 18, 2016
    May 18, 2016
    Without reliable data, there is no such thing as science.
  • Sheryl Schachtner
    Sheryl Schachtner United States, Omaha
    Jan 03, 2016
    Jan 03, 2016
    Never has truth, honesty, and integrity been more needed. We should have no tolerance for those who massage numbers to get desired results. Anyone who does so should lose their job and their credentials.
  • Bernard McCune
    Bernard McCune United States, Albuquerque
    Dec 05, 2015
    Dec 05, 2015
    It is foolish to throw perfectly good data away. Especially when it is being replaced with modeled "data".
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    Mitchell McALeer United States
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    Steven Stanton United States
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