Rescind the Bryan College "Clarification" to its "Statement of Belief"

In a news release dated February 23, 2014, Bryan College (in Dayton, TN) announced a "clarification" to the institution's "Statement of Belief," stating "We believe that all humanity is descended from Adam and Eve. They are historical persons created by God in a special formative act, and not from previously existing life forms." About this clarification, the trustees and administration have asserted, “This interpretation of Bryan’s position is in no way a change to the Statement of Belief. It is the current and historical position of Bryan, an institution founded and existing on a strong Creationist position.”

We, the undersigned alumni and friends of Bryan College, see this as, in fact, exactly a change to the institution’s “Statement of Belief.” Furthermore, as this change is being instituted during the time for the renewal of faculty contracts, we are concerned that this de facto change to the “Statement of Belief” puts all faculty members, staff members, trustees, and administrators under a new burden of affirming an understanding of creation which diverges from a number of other understandings still consistent with the historical Christian faith. As such, the clarification jeopardizes the exercise of academic and spiritual inquiry for all members of Bryan College’s academic community.

Therefore, we, the undersigned alumni and friends of Bryan College, call upon the members of Bryan College’s Board of Trustees and of the administration to rescind both this clarification and any planned intent to inquire of any employee’s adherence to its claims.


  • Kenneth Turner Current faculty...for now

  • Diane Sirmans Michael Card has taught me what he calls, "Bullet Theology." Would you take a bullet for the Trinity, yes ... That Jesus is God, yes ... That which God has made clear in Scripture, I am willing to fight for; however, this is not one argument I am willing to take a bullet for ... And until we see Jesus face to face, we truly wIll never know these answers. I am most greatly concerned about how divisive this has become and respectfully ask the trustees to rescind clarification and any planned intent to have employees sign said document in order to remain employed by Bryan College. Class of 1986

  • Joshua D Jones It scares me to see what all has taken place over the last two years.

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