Petition to repeal AB 1527 and AB 144

California's laws, AB 144 and the new AB 1527 (the banning of open carrying handguns and long guns, respectively), are blatantly ignoring the Federal Government Constitution's Second Amendment right to bear arms, if one cannot carry their firearms with them, what is the point to owning them? It is well known that criminals do not obey the law, so enacting these laws does nothing but impede law abiding citizen's attempts to protect themselves from a degrading society. The second amendment was implemented not for hunters, but to act as a last vanguard against the Government should corruption overrun it and the democratic system cease functioning. If you care about your right to bear arms and your civil rights in general, please sign this petition and pass it on to your friends. Gov. Jerry Brown and the rest of the California Government (not to mention the Federal Government) are taking away our rights one piece at a time so that we won't notice. It is time to take a stand and stop this attack on our personal rights. The goal of this petition is to get AB 144 and AB 1527 repealed so that good, law abiding civilians can protect themselves from an ever more dangerous world. The only reason that 95% of gun related incidents in California are criminal is because our right to protect ourselves has been slowly erased and replaced with a forced dependency upon a less than ideal government.



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    Daniel Torres, United States

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