Renew The Almighty Johnsons for a 4th season!

The Almighty Johnsons is one of the best TV series. And one of the most underrated ones.

It manages to combine fantasy aspects and the very dysfunctional family life of the Johnsons. The best thing about it is that it's relatable although it's a show about Norse gods in NZ. It's never boring, the writers never seem to run out of ideas and the cast is amazing.

Season 3 has been the best of the show and we cannot let it end there! We don't have any news about another season yet but we can show the people who are responsible that we want one!

Us fans already managed to get a season 3 by showing our support, we can also help the show get a season 4!

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  • chris mccormick Please make season 4 of almighty Johnsons. I am 39 with a family and life ;D and have never signed a petition like this. I'm in Scotland. Do you have any idea how many people LOVE this original programming. DO SEASON 4

  • Chris Georgiou Just finished watching finale of season 3 live in UK about 60 seconds ago and I'm already here on this petition. Should tell you all you need to know really.

  • Lee bennington This has to happen!

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    Andrea Hackl

    just now Comments: Another loyal American fan who believes that Season four is a "no brainer"! SyFy channel fund this if you have too! This could be the New Zealand Seinfeld. Lots of seasons left with such a fresh storyline.
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    Tony hill

    just now Comments: Just watched end of season two here in the U.S. It surprises me that this has not reached our market till now. We're this show originated here I don't think 10 seasons would be out of the question. Season four is a "no brainer"!
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    Aaron Boyden, United States

    just now Comments: -
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