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We, the undersigned, request Canada's Space television channel and parent company Bell Media to reverse their decision to cancel Primeval: New World, and to renew the series for a second season. There is no doubt that Primeval: New World appealed to a relatively niche market; but it is for that very reason that the show gained and retained so many fans over the course of its run. Aiming it towards this target audience, rather than at the general public, allowed it to become much better than it otherwise would have. The development of the series was carefully crafted, and the love and care put into each and every episode made Primeval: New World one of the best new shows in recent years. We understand that viewer ratings were ultimately lower than hoped for, and that this must have played a significant role in your decision. However, we also recognize that a 10PM timeslot at the beginning of the work week will inevitably result in lower ratings than a similar time on a Friday or Saturday. We love this series you so carefully crafted, and we regret that it will vanish while vapid programmes such as Honey Boo Boo and etalk continue to saturate the airwaves. We understand that Primeval: New World did not provide the results you looked for; but we hope you realize just what the series meant for the fans. Not just the fans of this series, but of the original UK programme as well. For this, we thank you dearly. Primeval: New World was a genuinely good show; a rarity to behold these days. For all of these reasons, and so many more, we hope you will take the time to reconsider your decision, and renew the series for a second season.


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    James Dark

    1 week ago Comments: I was a big fan of original Primeval, I didn't realize they had 5 seasons in the U.K. I already searched & saw all on Netflix. Then I saw the dvd box for this New World spin off & tought might not be as good but I started watching after a few episodes liked it as much if not a little more since it was a fresh take on such a good premise. I appreciate & thank the Space channel & all producers of this show. I really hope you read the real fans letters & pick up another season or at least make the TV movie or Dvd to finish the great stories that could happen. If Syfy happens to get these messages I hope you decide to help bringing it back or picking it up for true Sci fi fans. Thanks.
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    Cliff Ramrattan

    2 weeks ago Comments: i was really upset when they canceled Primeval but was exited about Primeval New World. Now they have canceled it, just as it was getting good.
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