Remove Governor Paterson from office

New York State Needs a Better Governor to speak for them. NYS is being over taxed and don't have control over what is or what isn't. Put more tax on NYS residents and let the state spending spend more...? isn't it time for Government to Drive they OWN cars... what about Green House? Save the Polar Bears? They wanna shove this down Us but they don't have to obey the Signs Wasn't the Last Governor or NYS in a Sex Ring.. and Dismissed and Paterson Stepped in Office did we have a vote on Who was gonna be appointed? NOW HES Caught up in a Sex Scandal?... Paterson wants to make Cuts through School Programs and Programs like OMRDD. Tax plastic bottles, and Soda, cigarettes, Liquor, and Fat Tax???? Please Sign this and Forward it to your Friends to have them sign...


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    eva depamla, United States

    5 years ago Comments: how is it that they can make more in a year then then 10 taxpayers can altogether? how is it they can go on vacation anywhere in the world they want with their familys and the lower class/poor people are grateful for a day off of work ( with no pay ).. how is it they can have dinner parties @ 150. a plate and the rest of us have to bust ur asses to keep hot dogs n beans for dinner .. and god forbid tryin to feed a family size.. they need to spend a week living like the rest of us.. everyday life !! for us atleast.. they would lose their minds tryin to figure out how to rob peter to pay paul and here comes uncle sam to take it all before you can even lay eyes on it .. its a no win!! and its not fair.. they put people that vote to get them in office as just a mere stepping stone shoved into the mud .. they throw people a bone from time to time .. just to shut them up.. everyone needs to speak up step up from town to town city to city and take back our rights our freedom.. there is nothing in the county of the free that is free.. !! very sad !! and what about your kids?? mine hurt now.. i feel for them in another few years.. when they become adults to be stepped on and used.. its sad.. this county is going down hill so fast.. everyday scares the hell out of me... whats next??
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    Michelle O'Brien, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I am a DEM But i am sick and tired of Gov. Paterson with all his stipid cuts. He is destroying upstate New York and all that's is wonderful about it. Steeling the snowmobilers fund. I am not a snowmobiler but it brings money to upstate small towns. Closing state parks. What an ass! money is tight and now families will not even have anywhere to go near by with there families. He need to be stopped. They want to claim unemployment is down or stable. its not It either they have been denied or their unemplyment has run out. now they have nothing so let hold on to there Tax return. which you know we will never get back in this life time. Young people take head if paterson keeps it up. move take your families and move now or you lives will suck because he will get rid of all that's good in this state!
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    Nancy McLean, United States

    5 years ago Comments: It is time the governor's office takes a cut. Not the tax payers and our state. We have been taxed and then taxed again so they can spend our money on whatever they want. we have no say. They want to take people's recreation away b y closing state parks such as Macomb Park and Point AuRoche. Last year before they closed Macomb was fixing up the bathrooms and sewer systems etc. doing all kinds of up grades and now they are closing. This doesn't make sense to me does it to anybody else? This park was full most of the summer it gives families something to do close to home as no one can afford to do much these days with everything being so expensive on what we make. We don't make the kind of money that the governor and his staff make, but we pay it. give us a break take money out of your pockets and come down to our level and see what its like to be in a real living situation where you work for every dime and have to work to survive and feed your family. There are no jobs in upstate NY and now he wants to close prisons and take more jobs away from us. What will be left for our children when they look for jobs to support there families. This is definitely getting out of hand I agree something needs to be done the cuts they are making are ridiculous. Why are we being targeted? What's wrong with placing cuts in your own office, you can definitely afford to give up some of your paycheck compared to what the real population is getting out here!
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