Father Jim Singler I.H.M Parish

Here we will explain some of the reasons we feel Father Jim Singler is not a good fit for our I.H.M. Parish. 

1. Sandy Day quitting the I.H.M rectory in 2011.
2. Sister Mary Kay early retirement in July of 2012.                          
3. Nancy Corbett quitting her job in July of 2012.                             
4. The week of July 15th Father Singler changed PSR classes from Tuesday to Monday.  He stated the change because Tuesday is his day off; he has not once visited the PSR kids in the entire year he has been at our Parish.                                                                                                                                  
5. Tuition assistance has been dramatically cut and families have been pushed out of the Parish.                        
6. Father Jim Singler has wasted over $22,000 on landscaping that didn't need done, how much more is he spending on decorating that is unnecessary.

We have collected over 200 signatures offline to have Father Jim Singler removed but at this time we have decided not to pursue the hearing with the Cleveland Diocese.  We will give Father Jim a chance to right his wrongs and to become apart of our Parish.  We will however leave this online petition running so you may voice your opinions on Father Jim Singler.




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    Al Frank, United States

    2 years ago Comments: LOL, this is a bunch of fucking nonsense. Outgoing, sympathetic pastor carries a lot of dead wood on the payroll out of kindness and the new guy knows that payroll is not the place to do charity work. So of course a handful of people are pissed off. NEWSFLASH: Parishioners want they money spent wisely and appreciate a pastor how does so!
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    I Have Seen His "Other Side", United States

    2 years ago Comments: I know from personal experience that Fr. Jim Singler cares only for himself and his money. At previous assignments he thought nothing of spending great sums of church money on personal comforts. His "friendly nature" is a complete sham; his true personality is quite rude and heartless. Only behind closed doors do you experience this. Perhaps there was a reason that he was not chosen to remain Pastor when his previous church was closed...perhaps his sabbatical was for a reason. Perhaps. Do your research; it speaks for itself.
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    gabe sciarretti, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Shameful and cowardly you anonymous bunch of cowards! This happens all the time at parishes. A priest comes in, makes changes based on his leadership responsiilities and style, and a select group of folks run to Rome and try and throw him out. Half of you probably don't even attend mass on a regular basis or support the parish. qyit asking what IHM can do for you and give back - its what Christ asks you to do. Re-evaluate your motivations and actions and instead be a productive parishioner; not one who acts as a catalysyt for more drama. I'll pray for you.
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