Remove Columbus Day As A Federal Holiday Stop The Lie

This is a petition to be sent to our government to remove Columbus Day as a federal holiday and to stop the lie that he discovered America, if you ask any child \"Who discovered America\" he or she will say \"In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue\", well this is true however he NEVER set foot in what we call North America. This is a lie that we teach our children at an early age to set set them up for more lies by our government and to let them know that it is ok to beLIEve what people tell us without researching for the truth. PLEASE click on the links I have provided to learn the truth about Columbus and others in history and help me stop the government from allowing them to lie to us and we beLIEve it, this is start to let them know that we want the truth about american history and just not some catchy phrase \"In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue\". TOGETHER WE WILL REWRITE THE HISTORY BOOKS! *please refrain from vulgar language but please make comments, I want them to take us serious


This petition is sponsored by me and the people that believe that history should be rewritten to include the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Links quick read about Columbus day Examining the reputation of Christopher Columbus The Truth About Columbus Christopher Columbus and the Indians The lie about Paul Revere Tell the kids the truth


  • Donna Cook There should be no substitute for the Colombus Day holiday.

  • samson melaku Change columbus day to Native American Day.

  • Zoe Enlow Lindauer I hope this is a true petition for getting rid of Columbus Day, renaming Native or Indigenous Peoples Day. Columbus wasn't ever on North America, and where he did land hated him, so it is ridiculous!

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    6 months ago Comments: There should be no substitute for the Colombus Day holiday.
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