Removing Birthdates & Age from IMDB

This petition is to rally support in order for SAG, AFTRA, WGA, DGA, and any other entertainment unions to put pressure on (owned by to remove birth dates from their site. We hope that if the unions receive a petition with enough names in support of this action, they will, in turn, put pressure on IMDB -- hopefully, enough pressure that IMDB will voluntarily remove birth dates from all individual's web pages at Whether the Unions help or not these names will be used to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of entertainment industry professionals everywhere that have been adversely affected by their unauthorized personal information, especially their birth date, being revealed and stated on IMDB's webpage

There is so much age discrimination in Hollywood. Even though someone may look or write or direct as a certain aged person would, people lose jobs everyday because they are "just too old" and sometimes "too young". IMDB has become the first source of information for industry professionals and therefore has the most impact on hiring. IMDB has been uncooperative in the past in removing or even changing birth dates. We believe that age should be private as it is in most other industries.

Please join our cause. With your signature and help we can make a change for ourselves and future entertainment industry professionals not to be discriminated against for their age. This petition, after it has gathered over 10000 names, will also be sent to...


It will also be sent to the district attorney’s office to see about investigating IMDB for breaking age discriminatory laws as well as being used to file a class action lawsuit against IMDB (Amazon).

If you are afraid of losing work by signing this petition, please don't be. No one is going to blacklist you for using free speech about discrimination. But, if we don't do something now and IMDB becomes even more important in tracking entertainment industry professionals, it maybe too late to change this. I am a working actor and I am creating this petition because it is important to make positive changes for artists everywhere. Thank you for your support and I look forward to our success.


Ryan Surratt for Entertainment Industry Professionals Everywhere.

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  • Brooke Aldrich With rampant Identity theft now it's ridiculous to force people to keep their birthdays on IMDB. Mine is real and I don't care about ppl knowing my age because I don't audition for roles. But I would be very upset If I did. I also see friends with fake birthdates on IMDB. I really like IMDB. But wish they would clean it up a little. Take away living peoples birthdates (option) and when NON CREDITED take the credit away.

  • Anonymous Its costing me work!
    And where I was born, and my parents maiden names are also listed on my page.. Its awful.

  • Anonymous It's absolutely disgusting and wrong tha people cant remove credits, age permanently or have it hidden!

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