Remove Sandra Lyon from her position as superintendent of SMMUSD

In light of her actions in the aftermath of the incident involving Coach Mark Black and a combative drug dealing student we would like Sandra Lyon removed immediately from her post and replaced with an individual knows the law as cited below that will ensure students like the one that attacked Mr. Black and distribute narcotics on campus are not "supported" and that faculty and staff are supported in their legal obligation to maintain a safe and fair learning environment.

The California Education Code reads,
44807. Every teacher in the public schools shall hold pupils to a strict account for their conduct on the way to and from school, on the playgrounds, or during recess. A teacher, vice principal, principal, or any other certificated employee of a school district, shall not be subject to criminal prosecution or criminal penalties for the exercise, during the performance of his duties, of the same degree of physical control over a pupil that a parent would be legally privileged to exercise but which in no event shall exceed the amount of physical control reasonably necessary to maintain order, protect property, or protect the health and safety of pupils, or to maintain proper and appropriate conditions conducive to learning. The provisions of this section are in addition to and do not supersede the provisions of Section 49000.49000. The Legislature finds and declares that the protection against corporal punishment, which extends to other citizens in other walks of life, should include children while they are under the control of the public schools. Children of school age are at the most vulnerable and impressionable period of their lives and it is wholly reasonable that the safeguards to the integrity and sanctity of their bodies should be, at this tender age, at least equal to that afforded to other citizens.
49001. (a) For the purposes of this section "corporal punishment" means the willful infliction of, or willfully causing the infliction of, physical pain on a pupil. An amount of force that is reasonable and necessary for a person employed by or engaged in a public school to quell a disturbance threatening physical injury to persons or damage to property, for purposes of self-defense, or to obtain possession of weapons or other dangerous objects within the control of the pupil, is not and shall not be construed to be corporal punishment within the meaning and intent of this section. Physical pain or discomfort caused by athletic competition or other such recreational activity, voluntarily engaged in by the pupil, is not and shall not be construed to be corporal punishment within the meaning and intent of this section.


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    Glenn Robinson

    5 months ago Comments: She showed very poor lack of judgement. Guilty until proven innocent? No, she judged and convicted a true leader. She showed a very poor example of fairness. Clearly she is not someone who should be at the top of any school district.
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    Paul Hughes

    5 months ago Comments: This is an example of the sad, sick state of American public education. The share of money going to administration has steadily grown over the years, which means less and less for actual education and teaching.
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