remove all Andrew Jackson statues.

Andrew Jackson was a traitor, a racist, and a genocidal maniac. He defied government orders to force several Indian tribes off of their land and to walk the trail of tears. The removal included many members of the Cherokee, Muscogee (Creek), Seminole, Chickasaw, and Choctaw nations, among others in the United States, from their homelands to Indian Territory (eastern sections of the present-day state of Oklahoma). President Andrew Jackson, allowed Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama an armed force of 7,000 made up of militia, regular army, and volunteers under General Winfield Scott to round up about 13,000 Cherokees into concentration camps at the U.S. Indian Agency near Cleveland, Tennessee before being sent to the West. Most of the deaths occurred from disease, starvation and cold in these camps. Their homes were burned and their property destroyed and plundered. Farms belonging to the Cherokees for generations were won by white settlers in a lottery. After the initial roundup, the U.S. military still oversaw the emigration until they met the forced destination.[26] Private John G. Burnett later wrote, "Future generations will read and condemn the act and I do hope posterity will remember that private soldiers like myself, and like the four Cherokees who were forced by General Scott to shoot an Indian Chief and his children, had to execute the orders of our superiors. We had no choice in the matter."

           This man was an embarrassment to US history and anything else he has done in his tenure will not overshadow the crimes he has committed.  To have statues and tributes to this man is nothing short of Hitler praises. His statues should be removed and his place in history should be blatantly marked as a murderer and also for committing treason. 



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    Darlene Polizzi, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Becky Norris, United States

    2 years ago Comments: My mom is half Cherokee Indian and we both have tribe membership. It bothers me that there is a statue of this murderer in New orleans and is set in the middle of a square named after him as well. I feel that a statue of a true hero should be put there of somebody like Abe Lincoln and they should rename the square Lincoln square or something else.
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    Thomas Salley, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: I never knew this (but of course you don't think they're going to tell us the truth in school do you) and the TRUTH SHOULD BE TOLD NO MATTER HOW BADLY IT MAKES OUR FORMER LEADERS LOOK! YES, Jackson's statues should be melted down and the money given to those "Native Tribes" that suffered this abomination, PLUS whatever else we can do to help them!!!
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