Reliv International: Rebuild Trust So Together We Can Nourish Our World.

We respectfully ask your consideration of the following issues that have led to this petition.

We distributors speak in one voice in regards to the gratitude we have for corporate and its efforts to assist us with our businesses.

It is no small task to build an independent Reliv business, and when we have corporate support with brand recognition, special events and other tools to assist us, it is truly appreciated.

However, there have been incidences where corporate has crossed over the line from assistance to interference with how we independent distributors choose to operate our own businesses.

The most egregious example of corporate interference with a distributor’s business remains the ongoing situation with the Joe and Carol Felger distributorship. In Spring of 2013, Joe and Carol were denied their right by corporate to continue to build, grow or support their own independent business that they had cultivated for two decades. This occurred even though corporate stated the Felgers did nothing illegal, unethical or in violation of the distributor agreement.

The decision to involve Joe and Carol Felger in our own independent businesses should be solely at the discretion of each independent distributor, not a decision imposed by corporate or influenced by any other distributor.

This action has created a distrust and fear of Reliv corporate, to the point where many distributors are reticent to even speak their mind on the subject for fear of similar consequence. Indeed, if this could happen to the people who were integral to building Reliv and delivered the largest revenue, it could happen to anyone.

Furthermore, from the shareholder’s point of view, by suspending Joe and Carol Felger, Reliv corporate has cut off a proven, prolific and most lucrative arm of the company.

We respectfully request that corporate restore distributor autonomy from corporate or colleagueship interference, and reinstate Joe and Carol Felger to their rightful place in Reliv so they have the choice to actively grow their business and assist those who freely choose to have them do so.

It is not so much a question of who is right but what is right.

Correcting the imbalances raised in this petition, including the reinstatement of Joe and Carol Felger, is essential to ensuring an environment of trust that may foster unprecedented growth and success for Reliv worldwide.


  • Caroleann Block I'm totally 100% behind this petition. I've always seen Reliv as a company I could trust with my heart and soul, both with the products and with the business model and opportunity; a company with integrity and it's distributors at the heart of its success. Without them it can not grow, expand and shout out to the world 'we ARE a company whose ethics and standards matter in today's world". Thank you for listening. Caroleann Block

  • Tony Pezzullo Live and let live. Reliv and let Reliv.

  • Sandra Salstrom I know the Felgers and I trust their character and their ethics. As long as I've known them I've witnessed them stand behind the company. They have always spoken of Bob Montgomery's integrity, of Dr. Carl's kind genius, and, have referred to the corporate team's actions as Reliv's complete support to distributors.
    The Felgers have always edified the company - that's their way and it always has been. For example, in the past when I expressed dismay about corporate shipping providing an autoship /10% off flyer in each of my customer's shipments without my approval or choice, Joe and Carol listened to my questions and, as always, referred to Bob's integrity and the corporate team's care. If anything was said between the Felgers and corporate about that practice I wouldn't have known about it - it would have been between them and corporate.
    I cannot count the times they've told me, my prospects, and new distributor team members that Bob Montgomery and the corporate team will always do the right thing by us; that corporate has our best interest at heart. The last time I heard a Felger say that was while eating cheetos in their suite at the February 2013 Austin conference.

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