Release Young Justice and Various other WB animation studios shows on Blu Ray

Update Jan. 24 2013
Added some titles and shows that I think WB should restore in the case of some of the older ones and give them a proper release them on BluRay.

Update Nov.6 2012.
Just made a FB page to help spread the word and get more attention and Check it out and share it with friends more updates to the site will be done this week and for more updates on the petition follow me @TheAnimeniac on twitter

Now what I hope to do with this petition is to bring attention to Warner Bros. Animation and whoever does the releasing of their cartoons because I am a huge fan of their shows Young Justice, Green Lantern the Animated Series, and Mystery inc., Symbionic Titan, Thunders Cats Remake. So far these shows have been either released on barebone DVDs with a few episodes or just a barebones collection of half the season and I for one think enough is enough. We deserve these shows the way they were meant to be seen in glorious HD, though hopefully with some interviews or behind the scenes features(one of my personal favorite that I'd like to see would be bloopers or outtakes of the actors flubbing their lines). Especially after the prempting of DCNation I think Warner Bros. owes us the fans at least a season collection of both GLTAS and Young Justice since that would help get back on the good side of the fans and also let us have it in HD on Blu Ray instead of just digitally. And the other shows that have ended due to cancellation should be released in one boxed set for both Thunder Cats and Symbionic Titans. Mystery Incorporated should get the same treatment as the DCNation shows. There are of course various other shows such as various Batman The animated series, Superman the animates series, Justice League, Teen Titans, The Batman, Batman the brave and the bold, Batman Beyond. and the pre HD animated movies such as Mask of the Phantasm with a feature talking to the cast as they look back on the movie and the series and what they were able to do in the movie thay teu couldnt do in a show. and the others like Return of the Joker, Subzero, Mystery of the Batwoman, and of course all the show getting a look back with the cast and crew for each show.Now lets spread the word so we can get these amazing shows on Blu Ray.



  • Elijah Christensen its a great idea

  • James Moran At the very least, I would buy the Young Justice series instantly if the series was released on Blu-Ray.

  • Anonymous Bad enough to take them off the air, but to also try and give us some DAMN DVD's when blue ray is available? You all are the biggest crooks but always accusing the very people who support you. I will never buy any of these on DVD just like others here, so it will be in your best interest to release the stuff.

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    Elijah Christensen, United States

    2 weeks ago Comments: its a great idea
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    James Moran

    11 months ago Comments: At the very least, I would buy the Young Justice series instantly if the series was released on Blu-Ray.
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