Release new tennis ball for tennis IG

Tennis Interest Group (IG) has not been given sufficient replenishment of tennis ball for a period of time. -Amount of player in RP tennis IG: 40 players -Amount of Tennis ball for RP tennis IG training: 35 training balls -Issues 1: -Office of Student Graduate affair (OSG) refuse to release sufficient new tennis training ball to ensure tennis training was carry out smoothly -1st reason -OSG found tennis ball outside tennis court and claim that it belong to tennis IG. Tennis IG don't take care of the ball and allow ball to lie around outside tennis court after tennis training -However tennis ball found outside the tennis court might not be belong to tennis IG. -Tennis ball might be belongs to -RP staff -Member of the public -RP student -2nd reason -Utilize the old Tenz tennis ball in the tennis storage area. Tenz tennis ball is as hard as a rock; wrong contact point might lead to injury. -Due to the lack of ball to efficiently carry out tennis carry, Coach Richard picked up the discard tennis ball from public tennis court. -Issues 2: -OSG are suppose to supply tennis IG with Wilson US Open ball weeks before POL-LITE (minimal 2 weeks before POL-LITE) -Wilson US Open ball is the official tournament ball for the POL-LITE game -Wilson US Open ball has a different feel from any other tennis ball thus players have to get used to the different feel of the ball -Coach Richard, tennis IG Vice-captain and I have check out the best price of Wilson US Open ball from the respective racket shop; Transworld sport and Racket Sport Asia. -POL-LITE is next week but ball is still not release to us -RP tennis IG has a friendly match with RP staff from various departments. One of the staff comment RP tennis IG tennis ball is not good for player development.


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    Elizabeth Wong, Singapore

    5 years ago
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    Michelle, Singapore

    5 years ago Comments: The amount of tennis balls are just so pathetic. Most of the tennis balls we currently have are all the balls that Coach Richard picked up the discard tennis ball from public tennis court during the holiday. Imagine if Coach Richard did not picked up those discard tennis ball from public tennis court I do not think we even have any balls to hit and train now. POL-ITE is just next week and with the bad quality and pathetic amount of tennis balls we have, how are suppose to train and improve ourselves Let alone getting good results from the competition. I hope OSG will be more supportive and release the new tennis balls to us so as we can able to train well.
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    Eilene, Singapore

    5 years ago Comments: We need new tennis balls please! We cannot train using the current tennis balls with no bounce in them at all. With such quality tennis balls, it is going to be very difficult for the participants competing in POLITE as they are using new balls and will have to get used to the characteristics of the new balls because they are too used to training with the old tennis balls provided which have no bounce at all. Furthermore, with these few numbers of tennis balls and so many players, it is difficult to train as we will end up spending most of the training time picking up the balls instead of training out mechanics. This way, we will never improve! In addition, we are there to learn how to play tennis well, not to be a ball picker! Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if new balls are to be released to the Tennis IG to practice and further improve ourselves.
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