Release Poke Bank!

Pokemon Bank has not been out in the United States, Europe, and Oceania for more than a week. Because of this, I have started a petition to have Nintendo/The Pokemon Company/GameFreak to at least give us a release date. In order to make an even bigger impact, call Nintendo (of America)'s support line (1(800) 255-3700. After getting someone to answer, go to your keypad and press 3, then 5, and wait for someone to pick up.)

Let's show that the fans want their Older Pokemon on X & Y NOW.


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    Dylan , United States

    12 months ago Comments: NINTENDO GIVE US POKEBANK NOW
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    Gwern Jones, United Kingdom

    12 months ago Comments: -
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    Joshua Eustace, United States

    12 months ago Comments: The first delay is understandable. The continued delay is ridicules. It was already released in Asian territories- proving that it should and can be released here in the US.
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  • We are now live!