Rejection of Tesla Class Action Shareholder Suit

Many U.S. law firms are filing class action lawsuits against Tesla Motors, Inc. on behalf of shareholders who purchased shares of TSLA not knowing the Tesla Model S was unsafe when the purchased shares of Tesla Motors stock.

We strongly reject these class action lawsuit attempts as both 1) shareholders of TSLA stock and/or 2) owners of the Model S who do not think the car is unsafe.

These class-actions are designed to protect us and compensate us, however, we do not need protection from these law firms and we respectfully reject compensation that a Judge or a settlement might provide us in the future.

We reject these multiple class action lawsuits because we do not believe there is a design flaw with the Tesla Model S and/or we plan on purchasing a Tesla Model S soon despite the recent random battery-related fires and prior to NHTSA investigation findings/report. Further, for any current Tesla Model S owners among us, we are not looking to sell our car in the near future due to a safety-related reason.

We reject the attempted formation of this potential class. If you agree with the above, please sign this online petition.

AFTER SIGNING, PLEASE other Tesla Model S owners or people you know who owned TSLA stock between May 10th and November 6th of 2013.


  • Lauren Koors I am a Tesla Shareholder and do not feel mislead about stock price or safety of the vehicle. In fact, I have so much faith in the incredible design and integrity of the company that I bought MORE stock when the price fell! I can't believe that people are questioning the safety of a vehicle where none of the passengers were injured and also where the fires were a direct result of high-speed impacts on the highway. These people invilved in these collisions owe Tesla their lives as they most likely would have burned to death in a gasoline car that exploded on impact. As a shareholder, I do not feel mislead and feel that any attempt by a law firm to further reduce the public's faith in the stcok or Tesla is dispicable and unnecessary. Musk was nothing but honest about the safety features and the stock price. Firms out for a fat profit from a law suit are not what this country's legal system was designed for.

  • Colleen Eckert I disagree that Tesla is an unsafe vehicle. No one was hurt in these fire accidents, and that would be the first car on the road that people can walk away each time with no injuries. The model S is the best car on the road. All the car manufactors should use Tesla as a model for there new design, it's the flagship.

  • Jake Mabey I've read through the lawsuit and completely disagree that Musk mislead anyone. If anything, his honesty about the stock price being "higher than we have any right to deserve" absolutely refutes the premise put forward by the law firm when they assert stock price manipulation through deception.

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