Reinstate Karen Reissmann

We, the undersigned, are appalled at the suspension of UNISON activist and member of UNISON\'s National Health Executive, Karen Reissmann. We believe this is directly linked to her UNISON activity in defence of the NHS and its staff over the last year. We believe health workers have a right to criticise and oppose government policy. Karen, a nurse for 25 years, works for a Trust which has long-standing financial problems and despite the



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    joanne mcgrace, United Kingdom

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    Alan Saunders, United Kingdom

    6 years ago Comments: The nature of Karen's comments were indicative a healthy professional concern and in the interests of patient care. The actions of the trust are clearly repressive and reflect undemocratic values akin to those in banana republics - predicated on: gagging discourse and debate preventing disclosures which reflect public interest an over-reaction by an unmitigatedly oppressive managerial regime which places its own interests ahead of those it is paid to respond to. It is an unhealthy health service which strangles debate and the raising of issues which highlight patient needs. As a result overly punative and extreme actions may surely be attributed to the managers of a potentially corrupt managerial regime - who wish themselves to be visually unaccountable for any coverage which is not self-congratulatory and PR. This is extremely dangerous for us as a society and indicative of serious and searing deficits in the way we and our participation and involvement in the way we are managed and conrolled. The managers concerned are clealy those who now, must be made accountable - not those who simply highlight issues which result from heavy-handed policies. Surely, those health professionals who have first hand experience of implementing care policies should be in the forefront of debate - without this level of involvement and public debate we have the health service we deserve....a fortress of bureaucratic control wherein patient, staff and the community invvolvement are stifled and choked in the interests of a cabal of managerial madarins who hold their own interests paramount.
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