Reinstate Color Magic, Joel Thode's Lawn Maintenance Contract

It is our understanding that the Eagle Watch Home Owner’s Association has declined to continue Joel Thode, Color Magic’s lawn care contract. We feel Mr. Thode’s contract renewal was unfairly declined due to a conflict of interest with a certain Board Member. This is not only unprofessional, but also unethical.

We respectfully request that our HOA board members reinstate Joel Thode as Eagle Watch’s Lawn Care Provider. We have been extremely happy with his work these past 18 years.


  • Cynthia Lyerly If nothing else, the board needs to give an account for their actions.

  • Joel Thode From: Joel Thode <> Date: March 25, 2014 at 6:20:17 PM EDT To: "" <> Subject: Fwd: Eagle Watch Contract Sent from my iPhone Begin forwarded message: From: Joel Thode <> Date: March 25, 2014 at 9:18:14 AM EDT To: Ginny Schwartz <> Subject: Fwd: Eagle Watch Contract Joel Thode Color Magic Group Properties, LLC 2295 Towne Lake Pkwy Ste. 116-219 Woodstock, Ga. 30189 Cell 404-925-8425 From: Joel Thode Subject: Eagle Watch Contract It has come to my attention that the Eagle Watch property will be put up for bid at the beginning of the week, and I wanted to take the time to share with you my concerns surrounding this decision, as well as my hopes for the future of the property and its partnership with Color Magic Group Properties, LLC. When my late wife Linda and I first moved to the Towne Lake community back in 1987, we were thrilled to have found a home in Eagle Watch, a place to start our life and family together, where we lived for the first eleven years. Fast forwardfive years to 1993, and Color Magic Group was born. Our ideas had finally come to fruition, and we were again motivated by the excitement of finding clientele that would love, support, and nurture our vision. In 1995 Color Magic Group formed our partnership with Eagle Watch. After 18 years of service, I still find such comfort and pride in a community that continues to love, support, and nurture my vision. The partnership between Eagle Watch and Color Magic Group is one that I continuously work hard to maintain, as I place tremendous value on the opportunities that it has provided me with over the years. I believe that our dedication to the Eagle Watch Community has been made extremely evident throughout our 18 years of service. To this day, we continue to provide the same quality service that we provided back in 1995, while still maintaining the same prices despite various economic factors. When the Landscape Committee was re-established in July of 2013 after being vacant for over a year, I was looking forward to re-establishing an open line of communication with the community, making us more aware of the needs and concerns regarding the maintenance of Eagle Watch. The incorporation of monthly property inspections has been crucial in helping us maintain the highest level of quality for Eagle Watch residents. However, I do not believe that the lines of communication regarding these inspections have been completely open. When we first walked through the property together on August 6, 2013, we generated a list of tasks to be completed bythe second walk-through on September 3rd. During this next walk-through, I acknowledged that we had carry-over items that were not completed from the first inspection. I was then told that the property would be put up for bid if it was not upheld to the Landscape Committee’s standards by our third walk-through on October 1st. When we reconvened on October 1st, all of the previous carry-over items and all newly assigned tasks had been completed. A significant positive change was noted throughout Eagle Watch by both residents and the Committee. Due to this significant turnaround, I was informed that there were no longer plans to put the Eagle Watch contract up for bid. During our fourth walk-through on November 21st, there were again no carry-over items from the last inspection and no concerns from the landscape report that were made aware to me. After the completion of this walk-through, I was under the impression that all was well and that the community was pleased with my work. On December 19th, we conducted our fifth walk-through of the property, and again, there were no carry-over items from the last inspection. The walk-through was conducted in the main amenity area, and it was at this point that you shared with me your concerns regarding the work ethic of my staff, in addition to the seasonal color issues. I acknowledged your concerns by replacing the seasonal color the next day and by replacing my underperforming staff members with two men that have over 18 years of combined experience as supervisors in the landscaping industry. In addition to fulfilling the above requests, on January 16th Color Magic Group paid for and installed 200 extra bales of pine straw, as it was my opinion that all areas had not been fully covered by the original contracted dollar amount. Later this same day, I met with Kenneth Hair and was informed that the Eagle Watch contract was going up for bid. I was not made aware of this during our December 19th walk-through, and was surprised to hear this after I was informed that the contract was no longer going up for bid in our October walk-through. I truly believe that our dedication to Eagle Watch has been made evident throughout our tenure of serving and maintaining the property grounds, as well as in the hard work shown during this transition period. With our recent changes in staff, I believethat Color Magic Group is in an excellent position to succeed in 2014. It is my hope that we will be able to maintain thispartnership with Eagle Watch, as I have always felt honored to serve a community that has provided my family and me with so much for the past 18 years. Regards, Joel Thode Joel Thode Color Magic Group Properties, LLC 2295 Towne Lake Pkwy Ste. 116-219 Woodstock, Ga. 30189 Cell 404-925-8425

  • Lynne Montgomery Please read Joel's response to Scott McMahon and continue to sign this petition.

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