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The National Debt current sits at 16,595,422,886,067 dollars and on average increases by a rate of 3.84 billion per day. At the current rate, the national debt will rise to over 20 trillion dollars in the next four years. This growing debt threatens the stability of the country, reduces economic growth and burdens future generations with paying for the mismanagement of finances by the present officeholders.

To fix America’s financial problems, I support the following solutions:

1. Pass a balanced budget amendment to force congress to live within its means with exceptions by supermajority vote for war and national emergencies.

2. Develop a detailed comprehensive plan that balances the budget within a time frame of four to ten years.

3. Issue an annual report to ensure Congress is meeting the obligations of its balanced budget plan.

4. Increase revenues by reducing special interest loopholes in the tax code,making reforms to the tax code and eliminating business deductions for discretionary "business" expenditures.

5. Reduce spending by rooting out fraud and cutting waste in defense spending, social programs and discretionary budgets.

6. Reduce spending and make the government more effective by restructuring government organizations to reduce overlap.

7. Restructure Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in a way that makes it sustainable without putting the country’s most at risk in jeopardy.

8. Create a uniform accounting system that meets the needs of all government departments and agencies

9. Stop the practice of keeping some projects off the books unless it creates a risk to national security or the lives of Americans.

10. Create mandatory audits of departments and government organizations, and if an organization is not auditable, investigate it to find out why.


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  • Sam Martin Absent from the platform, and the most critical key to returning the United States Government back into the hands of the People is the elimination of, or at least, the circumvention of The Federal Reserve. No change in our government can occur without breaking our ties with the controlling masters behind the International Central Banks throughout the world.

    Just as Kennedy proposed by Executive Order #11110, which is still in force but has been ignored by every President since, the US Treasury has the authority to issue its own money, in fact that’s what our Constitution calls for, as opposed to borrowing interest bearing Notes from the Federal Reserve. Treasury Notes would be interest free. We could immediately issue $17 Trillion Dollars worth of US Treasury Notes to pay off the National Debt and no longer have to pay billions each year in interest to the bankers. In lieu of that interest expenditure we could give every American a huge tax cut and still have plenty left over to retire the debt and begin operating within a balanced budget.

    Banking Reform from top-to-bottom is essential in correcting the corruptive forces working within the US Government and controlling this country. What happened in 2008 took 20 years to accomplish starting with the relaxation of Federal Banking and Credit regulations under Reagan/Bush, leading us then into the borrowing bubble that was burst in 2008. And, who did George W. bring into the White House to deal with the forthcoming raid on the US Treasury . . . those same people who engineered it in the first place . . . Hank Paulson, Tim Guitner, et al. And, who benefited . . . all the major International Banks. What did the people of the United States get out of all that manipulation . . . many lost their life’s savings and we all got saddled with $10 Trillion Dollars in new debt.

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