Eliminate Highway Buses From Cooperstown Residential Streets

Heavy vehicles, such as highway buses, do more road damage per bus than thousands of cars. They spew diesel exhaust and block traffic on residential streets. As much as possible, heavy vehicles should be routed away from Cooperstown's residential streets.

Heavy vehicles can use state and county roads by right. The use of Village residential streets is entirelyat the discretion of the Village.

For instance, the Village can and should re-route highway bus traffic off its streets to the peripheral North and South parking lots that are served by the Village Trolley.

Tour buses should not be allowed to stop on Main Street. Tour buses can drop their passengers at the North or South lots, and their passengers can take the Village Trolley into the Village. This will eliminate most tour buses from all Village streets - Chestnut, Main, River and Lake. All other attractions - the Otesaga Hotel, Farmers Museum and Fenimore Museum - provide bus access on private property. The Hall of Fame should provide highway bus access on its east side, on private property, not depend solely on Main Street.

Trolleys or similar shuttle buses can be used to serve the Dreams Park in addition to Ommegang and the museums.

Additionally, we are petitioning that heavy vehicles - over 20,000 pounds - be prohibited from using Village single family residential streets. This can be done without impacting EMS, Otsego Transit, UPS, construction vehicles, moving vans, school buses or deliveries of goods to Main Street or Bassett.

Please join us in this effort and share with other Cooperstown residents.

Thank you,

The Northrups and the Howarths



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    Bernhard Viek

    1 week ago Comments: Buses are too noisy etc.
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    Hugh MacDougall

    3 months ago Comments: While sympathizing with others, I am particularly concerned with the huge buses that stop in front of my house (at Lake and Fair), giving off loud noises and heavy vibration.
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    Elizabeth F. Snyder

    3 months ago Comments: -
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Petition highlights

  • Highway motor coaches can be eliminated from residential streets in two ways = the Dreams Park can contract with Birnie Buses to run trolleys - which will be better for everyone - including the Dreams Park players. And the Hall of Fame can accommodate tour buses on private property on the east side of the HOF - not take up spaces on Main Street.
  • Catherine Ellsworth wrote a LTE mischaracterizing the petition as "banning highway buses entirely" from Cooperstown. What's proposed is prohibiting them from residential streets. And using the remote lots/ trolleys to serve most attractions. The Otesaga Hotel, Fenimore Museum, Farmers Museum and Hall of Fame - can all accommodate highway bus stops on private property - and all of them are on state or county highways. All of these attractions can be accessed without resorting to residential streets. This is a bit like the noon siren. When it was proposed to be eliminated, there was an outcry to keep it. (Where was Ms. Ellsworth on that ?) Once it was eliminated, everyone wondered why it took so long to get rid of it. And no one wants it back. Same with highway buses on residential streets. Once gone, won't be back. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/reduce-remove-heavy-vehicles-from-
  • A vehicle's impact on a street is exponential to its weight. A 20 ton highway bus has the impact of thousands of cars, as explained in this paper: http://caltransit.org/cta/assets/File/FTA%20Study%20on%20Axle%20Weights.pdf
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