Keep Redemption Hall Running

A few members of the Absecon Presbyterian Church wish to shut down the Redemption Hall Venue ran by Chip. Sign this if you feel that Redemption Hall brings good to the community and getting kids off the streets.


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    Mike Finnegan, United States

    7 years ago
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    Ben Russin, United States

    7 years ago
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    Grace Peck, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Dear Chip, the bands, the kids and god, I am new to your petition and have just found out about your fight. I am involved in the music scene too and supervise and rent out a local venue. A couple of our neighbors have waged war on our venue. They went to our township council and painted a terrible picture about the kids, the music and myself. All of which is untrue. Our township has changed our noise ordinance so that we can not have shows at the venue anymore. Funny thing they approved a christian concert there last Saturday night. We are saddened that this type of discrimination still exsist in the world today. So eloquently one person on this petition wrote that people judge these kids by how they appear. That is so wrong. This group of kids are some of the most wonderful human beings I have ever met in my life. I would gladly have them for friends and neighbors, anyday!!! For those of you who would just like to talk about the scence or the music or the venue's that are continuing to be shut down, feel free to give me a call. there is strenghth in numbers. i believe we all need to write our congressmen, rock stars, and whoever else to try to stop this awful thing from continuing. We need venues. we need music, we need to have some place for the kids to go. Some place, safe, and drug and alcohol free. The people who shut these shows down are the true devil's workers. They want the kids to be out on the streets and get into trouble!!God bless you chippy and best of luck in your fight. DON"T EVER GIVE UP!!!!! my cell number is 908-910-3669,my name is Grace call me.
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