No More Rail-Shooters For Resident Evil Games!

This petition is being held so that Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles for Wii will not be a rail-shooter. Look I am serious about this the PS3 and 360 users get Resident Evil 5 when we get crappy little rail shooters as replacements. Come on now what the hell What ever happened to the original Resident Evil Why are crappy rail shooters being placed onto the Wii all the sudden COME ON CAPCOM WE DON'T WANT YOUR LAME RAIL-SHOOTERS! I do love Resident Evil but seeing these rail-shooter versions are just lame! How about a remake like people actually wanted I am serious about this why don't you give Wii users better games then this Why didn't you at least give us a Resident Evil 5 port or something I do like it how you are releasing a remake of Resident Evil 2 for Wii but I do not like the fact that you are making it a crummy rail shooter! EVERY RESIDENT EVIL FAN SIGN THIS WII USER OR NOT YOU SHOULDN'T WANT A GREAT FRANCHISE LIKE THIS TO BE WEAKENED DOWN BY LAME LITTLE SPIN-OFF LIKE THINGS LIKE THIS! Thank you for reading and signing the petition....


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