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Short title: Redbridge Roundabout Accident Prevention Measures

To the House of Commons

The petition of the residents of Ilford North and others.

Declares that the petitioners are extremely concerned at the high level of reported accidents (average one a week) and the potential for more fatal accidents on the Redbridge Roundabout (LBR).

This is a major road junction on the east of London (reputed to be one of the busiest and most dangerous in Europe) carrying heavy traffic from the M11, North Circular Road and the A12. All connecting roads on the gyratory have traffic lights apart from one road, Redbridge Lane East.

Traffic from Redbridge Lane East is unable to safely join this constantly busy roundabout and only two or three cars can enter the roundabout on each cycle of the lights. This in turn causes up to 45 minute delays on reaching the roundabout and this generates pollution levels above safe limits, inconsiderate driving by frustrated drivers and stress and anxiety experienced by drivers contemplating taking the high risk strategy of trying to get across the roundabout without having an accident.

The Petitioners therefore request that the House of Commons to direct TfL (Transport for London) to install traffic lights at the Redbridge Lane East junction or at least to establish a system such as adjusting the existing traffic light timings so that at least 6 or 8 cars can safely get onto the roundabout on each traffic light cycle.

And the Petitioners remain, etc.


  • Noor Mahmood This is one of the most important issues facing redbridge residents at the moment. This is one of the most dangerous roundabouts that i have come across in my 20 years of driving. Every time you are going on to the roundabout from Redbridge Lane East, it is like taking your life in your own hands. You are literaly taking holding your breadth until you are in the right lane. It is bad enough during late morning-early afternoon, but in the rush hour it is horrendous. Sometimes it can take and hour just to get to the end of Redbridge Lane East. The council should either change the timings on the other traffic lights so that traffic from Redbidege Lane has time to move safely on to the roundabout or erect another set of lights. I hope the new leader of the council will take notice and do something about this very important matter.

  • Stewart Spivack This matter is so important. I have witnessed several drivers going on to the wrong side of Redbridge Lane East to get to the roundabout. I have seen accidents and injuries caused. Waiting to get on to the roundabout takes so long during the day, let alone rush hour. Traffic light phasing MUST be changed

  • Margaret Sherman it is almost impossible to get onto the roundabout in the rush hour, residents in surrounding roads are almost tapped.

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    R H STEVENS, United Kingdom

    1 week ago Comments: at is about time someone took notice of this disaster area
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    1 week ago Comments: The lane disapline on this round about us appauling. The number of people that use the left lane go all away around never fails to shock
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    1 month ago Comments: This nightmare Roundabout needs attention!! NOW
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