Remove radical judge Cynda Riggins-Unger

Judge Cynda Riggins- Unger consistently abuses her power as a judge violating litigant’s Civil and Constitutional rights. She separates children from their Mothers, further harming them. Judge Unger ignores evidence. Judge Unger fails to be a neutral arbitrator of the facts contrary to Judicial Canon 3B(4). Furthermore, judge Unger exhibits clear and pervasive prejudice against female litigants, their counsel, and witnesses, which clearly violates Judicial Canon 3B(5). Judge Unger further victimizes children of separation and divorce by taking them from nurturing homes of mothers and putting them into non-nurturing and even sometimes unsafe homes for political reasons rather than the welfare, well-being, and happiness of the child. Judge Unger is politically biased and equal application of the law does not apply to Women in her family law cases. Judge Unger repeatedly yells, insults, and even gavels the bench violently in rage at times in violation of Canon 3B(4). Finally, judge Unger is guilty of impropriety, or the appearance of impropriety, by her failure to recuse herself in cases where her spouse, an attorney, is representing female litigants before her court, and thus violates Canon 2B(1). A judge is required to possess patience, courtesy; to be even tempered and impartial; all of which Judge Unger falls short. Judge Unger violates the CA Judicial Code of Ethics, lacks professionalism, and exhibits conduct not worthy of the office of a judge. Therefore we the people of Solano County of the State of California are requesting Judge Unger be removed based on her political bias against women, mothers, and blatant disregard for the child's well-being and happiness. Please help Solano County elect a fair judge who will protect litigant mother's and children’s Inalienable Human Rights to happiness and to prevent these sorts of political and bias abuses in the future.This Petition is NOT a replacement of the ( LEGAL Recall Petition to Recall judge Unger. ) We need Registered Voter's of Solano County to sign the Official Recall Petition to put HERon the BALLOT. IF WE DON'T GET 25,000 LEGAL SIGNATURES SHE WON'T BE RECALLED. Please contact us We need over 25,000 HAND written registered voter's signatures to get this matterfor the ballot by NOVEMBER! If you are not a Registered Voter, or out of AREA, please join us and sign the Ipetition today.WE NEED YOUR HELPTO REMOVE JUDGE UNGER!


  • Joyce Moore When a judge cannot keep her own emotions under control in her courtroom and displays inappropriate behavior, it should be viewed as a sign that she is incapable of making decisions based on unbiased and objective opinions. Child custody hearings are especially sensitive in nature as typically, both parents deeply love their child and want to spend as much time as possible with their child. It is often difficult for the parents to keep their emotions under control. Appearing before an insensitive judge who seems to enjoy scolding and ridiculing one of the litigants is harmful not only to the people present but it can also be harmful to the child. A judge is supposed to be concerned with the health and welfare of the child. When a good parent is emotionally upset due to biased decision making of a judge, it is guaranteed to negatively impact the child. When a judge is politically or otherwise connected in any way to one of the parents, the judge has a duty to remove herself from a case, and especially a child custody case. Finally, if a judge can't control her behavior and display the greatest of integrity in family law court, she needs to be removed from her assignment.

  • Amber M There are over 40 comments on the and other rate a judge sites. There are hundreds of litigants and families victimized by this judge. We need your support and help to pass on the information and bring public awareness. Please contact your local media and share these stories of judicial abuse and bias. Together we can make a change for the better!

  • Ian Greensides Is this the place where emotionally abusive mothers try to work through their issues? Why don't you start with bring an end to exposing your children to conflict about the other parent.

    I have seen Judge Unger many times in court. She is the fairest Judge I have seen in family Court. She was voted Family Law Judge of the year for the entire State of California.

    I think you folks need counseling. What has your therapist told you?

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