Save Lego Star Wars!

In 2011, Lego Star Wars may end. This is because there is no more movies, no more TV shows, nothing to create. If Lego discontinue star wars, a 12 year legacy will end. Something which millions of children and adults a-like will loose, forever. Lego Star Wars is the second longest-running (second to Bionicl - which has been varied)and it mustn't end. It has become a Youtube-animation icon. Hundred-of-thousands of animators use Lego Star Wars as a media. Millions of people collect the sets, re-createing scenes for the epic tales of George Lucas. This brand has made Lego what it is today. While other sets have come and gone, Star Wars has always been there. Why should it go now Lego is running out of ideas. Really one thing they haven't done is asked the fans. We can think of thousands of things that they haven't made. There is millions of ship, charecters, scenes, crafts that they haven't thought of making. Once they make all that. then they're out of ideas. This is why Lego Star Wars shouldn't end. Who's with me ~LegoStarWarsVids~ - Saving Star Wars for the future to enjoy.



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    Josh T., United States

    3 years ago Comments: Will Lego see this? I hope they do, so they can see how many people care. they will lose thousands of buyers and millions of dollars. How can they have run out of ideas. There are billions of fans making MOCs, brickfilms, and sharing ideas for possible sets. dont believe me, type this in your address bar: or this: or this: Lego, you will do a terrible thing if you cancel Lego Star Wars.
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    Josh T., United States

    3 years ago Comments: Go Lego Star Wars! My friends and I have played with these sets for most of my life, and I'd hate to see them go. Don't disappoint me, Lego.
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    brenda, United States

    4 years ago Comments: -
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