Give us Real Women - Curb Digital Altering

This topic isn't one that's new. Made popular by Dove a decade ago, many activists are calling for more real, unaltered women to be featured in the media and fashion world.

Yet there is still a prevalent theme where an unattainable standard of beauty is portrayed as the ideal. And in a country where eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, that is a scary thought.

Yes, that's right. Eating disorders still kill more people in the United States than any other mental illness out there. And a large contributor to this prevalence of eating disorders is the negative self esteem brought on by seeing image after image of pixel-perfect women.

Let's be clear, this petition isn't asking to stop including thin women in the media and fashion world. We realize all women are "real," so we aren't asking for a specific size or shape - thin or curvy, tall or short - it doesn't matter. We're just petitioning for real - unaltered - women.

Let's ask today's lawmakers to make it required that any ad which has been digitally altered includes a disclaimer stating so. Lawmakers in Britain and France has moved for this change, let's make it happen in the United States as well.


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