Re-rate MMLP2 on Pitchfork Media

Pitchfork media gave MMLP2 a 4.7.. not out of 5, out of 10. This is absurd, the album should have at LEAST a 7.5!


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    Charles-Henri Lqjoie

    1 month ago Comments: This album is great!!
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    2 months ago Comments: Fuck you pitchfork
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    Seb Patin, Japan

    2 months ago Comments: This is the first album to actually get me to listen to my boy Eminem! Better than 99% of the rap albums out there as of right now
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  • This album has already done better than the critic could even think of. Keep going Em!
  • A clasically underrated rap ablum. It is a story start to finish and one of the best of the year if not the decade. It is deep audio art, period!
  • This album should have got a 10 out of ten because the album was better then any other this year.
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