Vote in favour of discontinuing the Bike Lane Pilot Project

The City of Red Deer's Bike Lane Pilot Project has been a miserable failure. Our city council wishes to push forward with this project and continue wasting tax payer funds already approaching 1 million dollars, despite public outcry. Councillor Chris Stephan has introduced a motion to discontinue the pilot project on the grounds that it's been a waste of tax payer funds. Let's send a message to council - this isn't your personal spending account, these are our tax dollars and they should be used to deal with the real issues facing our city, not for their pet projects. Let's tell the other councillors that we expect them to vote in favour of Mr. Stephan's motion and if they don't want to listen to us then we'll vote in favour of replacing them all this fall!


Steve Shaw



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    Carmen Wallace, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: The bicycling public have more rights than do pedestrians or vehicles. Where else can they ride on the Street and have a whole lane marked out for themselves. Ride on sidewalks and mow pedestrians down. Kick Seniors on the way by, and brush by them and hitting them with their bike hands. Where else do have bike lanes marked out all around this City that are 5 ft wide, where 2 to 3 ft is plenty side enough for Bicycles. I Ride a bicycle and I can ride on a one to two ft strip quite easily. You are pandering to a bunch of vociforious Nutcases who should be riding around the grounds at Ponoka Hospital. I say, Do away with the Bike Lanes. I can look after myself quite well in vehiclular traffic and not be in their way.
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    BOB WOLFORD, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: I think city council should listen to the people who put them in office. After all we are a democracy who have the right to vote them out of power. Since when does the good of a few hundred voters out way the majority of close to 97000 voters. If coucil is so sure that the majority of Red Deer citizens want the bike paths then lets put it to a vote in the next election or are they going to force this on us by voting this in anyway. I think the money they have wasted so far is outrageous.
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    jenny torgerson, Canada

    2 years ago Comments: With all the other areas of this city that are in need of our tax dollars, this was a waste of our money. The streets are too crowded.Too few bikes that use them.I noticed the lines a crew of City workers redoing the street east of Eastview school. Wasting money again.I will be asking the candidates who are runnimg in this election how they feel and vote accordingly, thanks
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