Raising the number of licensed officials onsite at Animal Slaughter Houses

This petition is to help make sure that ALL USDA rules and regulations are followed. This problem of the USDA rules and regulations NOT being followed is effecting our meat and Americas health. While animals are stressed and starved during slaughter practices it changes the chemistry of their mussels while reducing the size of their mussels. So much more needs to be done then just more licensed officials being on side, but this is a start.


  • Britta Saemann Factory farmed animals raised for human consumption live their entire lives in tiny overcrowded living space away from fresh air , grass and sunshine. They are forced to endure a hellish existence before they ever get to slaughter. Know that when you consume meat originating from big-ag factory farms , you are consuming terror, pain , sickness , anger , frustration , depression , lonliness and insanity from the holocaust conditions that is the life of these animals. You are also consuming all of the things that they are being injected with from the anti-biotics to the growth hormones.Also the feed for these animals is mostly corn ( cows eat grass) and when a sick animal dies on these farms , they are usually ground up and thrown back into the feed so as not to go to waste , this has been investigated and documented. On to the slaughter house...so after a life of misery , neglect and abuse , they are to be killed and in thousands of cases they are still conscious when they start getting butchered , why ? because the high speed assembly line and the corporate creed of time being money often leads to equipment failure such as the stun guns used for the cows not operating properly so that they wake up while body parts are being cut off , or the pigs that struggle not to drown in the boiling water to soften their hides before skinning... , filthy conditions because the terrified animal is defecating all over itself , this is what you are eating....this needs to stop. period.

  • American Hero How dare you fascists try and pretend to be good people. You are SCUM.

  • Michael Coury This is too big of a problem to not do something about it.

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