Raise The Pitbull Ban in Pawtucket RI

Several months ago the state of RI passed a law that states no city or town can implement a breed specific ban. Pawtucket has a ban on pitbulls and refuses to lift the ban regardless of the new law. I rescued my pitbulls from high kill shelters before I moved to pawtucket two years ago. They're like family to all of us and sleep in bed with us. They're dog friendly and cat friendly and so loved. I can't walk them because of the law. I spend sleepiness nights praying that animal control doesn't show up. There is a man suing the city for his pitbull but until this happens the citizens remain in secret and in fear of loosing our precious pets. I know of atleast ten other families living like we do. Please help us stop this law! The city also made the comment that the dogs attract the "wrong kind of people" funny... The law is in effect and yet I can't send my daughter to public school ! It's not the dogs! It's the people!


  • Armando Flores Just signed! These dogs should not be banned anywhere. These are beautiful loving dogs that needs to be raised correctly. Just because one Pitbull attacts, doesn't mean they all will. Hoping the ban will be lifted.

  • Al Alix It's in the court system right now. Defenders of Animals, Mark Morse, ESQ and my boy chubs the pit bill are going through the legal system right now. It's been before 2 judges and both failed to rule for either side. I can forward all newspaper articles to your email if you want. Al Alix

  • Rebecca Warren-Harrington I need signatures:) please help me lift this ban! I need support from animal lovers, activists, other pitbull owners and anyone else willing to help

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    Armando Flores

    8 months ago Comments: My dog is like a family member. Super friendly to people and other animals. Not a mean bone in his body at all, and it can be proven.
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