Save Retired Race Horses!

Retired race horses are killed and sent to slaughter houses to become pet food every day. Most are only four years old when killed. They never live tell the age of thirty or more. The very few that survive are sent to rescue orginizations and live a happy life. Make it illegal to turn horses into food. Let it become the law that the horse gets another chance. That the owner has to try to find it a new home. It could even be at a rescue. It would save hundreds, even thousands of horses a year. Your signature could save a young horse.


I am a horse trainer, lover, and owner. I have always hated knowing that horses are being killed just because they aren\'t the fastest, even though they try. I ride horses every day. I am always training a horse even though I\'m only in high school. I want to train race horses, but not if they will be killed before they are out of adolesence. I am againest horse slaughter and horse abuse. I fight against it every time I see it. My next horse will be a retired race horse. I hope that you will help me and do something about this. I feel strongly about this and want it to stop.

Links It\'s a web site from a Michigan State University race horse rescue. The rescue is called CANTER. Search for Race Horse Rescue. You will come up with multiple rescues that will tell you about this.


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    Sylvia Coburn

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    Kathryn Erskine, United Kingdom

    2 years ago State: -
    Country: United Kingdom
    Comments: It is morally wrong to exploit horses to servitude then execute them. This make the people involved less than human.
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    Yana, Ukraine

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