Why is Rabbit Insurance not available in Ireland

While I started this petition solely questioning why rabbit insurance is not available I would like to amend it to include all small and exotic animals as they ALL deserve to have the best veterinary care. Dear Mr. Beatty, Business & Operations Manager Allianz Direct We, the undersigned, would like an answer to,


This petition has no sponsorship. It has been started by one individual on behalf of all the rabbit owners in Ireland.


www.rabbit.org/health/index.html www.bunnybytes.com/cgi-bin/start.cgi www.allianzdirect.ie


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    Malik, United States

    2 years ago Country: Nauru
    Comments: Girl, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Now why do you think they say that? Because Vegas, and L.A, is a place where you get your govroe on with wild men, women, midgets, dogs, whatever you can imagine. Of course you should be worried. Instead of thinking about what may or may not happen, I would just stop worrying about it and start believing it before he even goes. This way you can start to try and get over it sooner.
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    Paban, China

    2 years ago Country: Cambodia
    Comments: This is actually a topic I've tghuhot about a lot because I am a huge fan of the national parks. I think what I've decided is that, due to the reckless and careless nature of people just being people, that in order to protect some places, a small piece of each of those places needs to be sacrificed to the general public. In order for something to remain truly pristine, no one should visit it, but most people aren't okay with that, so it seems like we need to destroy some land in order to protect more of it.
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    Mohamed, United Kingdom

    2 years ago Country: Argentina
    Comments: It is a very tricky queotisn, but I think before quotas are introduced people should be better educated in the proper etiquette when visiting places. I have lost count of the number of people I have seen in UK national parks that think it is acceptable to treat the park as a rubbish tip, ignore signs and general think they are a exempt from any rules. I imaging the same apply across the world. People seem to think I've paid for this I can do what I like . I think if the mentality of people can be changed it would go a long way towards protecting all areas. If this can't be achieved then maybe restrictions are the only option but I feel that would bring a different set of problems.
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