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Currently R18 DVDs and videos can only be sold via council licenced sex shops in the UK - they cannot legally be sold via mail order or the internet even if the seller has a licenced sex shop. However, despite this it is legal for overseas companies to sell exactly the same DVDs and videos from outside the UK and they will pass through customs with no problems and no laws are broken. In many cases this law means that the buying public are paying sometimes way over the odds as the sex shops can charge what they like for the titles plus some punters are not buying them at all solely as they feel too embarassed to go into a sex shop. Put into context the UK government is encouraging consumers to spend their money overseas rather than locally by restricting choice and removing competition. If the UK government and the BBFC are saying that the content is legal and can be legally bought by adults then why should there be limits placed on where it can be bought from In my opinion this is an unfair and more importantly anti competitive law for retailers and producers as well as one which creates an unfair market for consumers. This law needs to be changed.





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    fqanvng, China

    4 years ago Comments: amtGn0 <a href="">qccdqfmfblmi</a>, [url=]nsbmuqskbhqx[/url], [link=]wxhhttbfrxpk[/link],
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    Jack jones, United Kingdom

    5 years ago Comments: completely agree. Im currently trying to sell a job lot of R18 DVDs on an Adult auction site, and have just found out being a resident in the UK , I cannot sell to the Uk, yet I can sell to the rest of the world?! This makes no sense whatsover, and yes I bought some of the DVDs from official licensed sex shops and some of them were ordered from holland. I also wish we would go the way of holland and legalise prostitution and the way of Germany or Spain and lower the age of consent to 14 or 13. We need to get with the times here. These are Outdated sex laws basically and Id like to see a european age of consent of say 13 or 14 with legalised prostitution aswell. There are people being arrested and prosecuted unfairly where as if they were resident in germany or Holland etc they would be within the boundarys of the law.
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    Elliot Sanchez, United Kingdom

    9 years ago Comments: This is one of the reasons why we are always behind Europe!!
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