Looking to improve choice and cost of food at the QE2 sites, also the availability during the night shift hours 1900 - 0700. I work in the ER department and work 2 out of every 4 shifts at night and the availbility of good food choice is generally poor to none , also after 1 am no choice besides vending machines or ordering out.I have found this to be a similar pattern at other sites aswell. I am looking for help in changing this as the day hours have a far better advantage to choice and availability of food. Secondly the cost of certain food seems to be unreasonable(ie small yogurt pack $1.20, and a single sandwich close to $4.00). I am sure that there is a large amount not only staff working but also family members visiting during the nights. We as a group should be entitled to healthy choices at resonable costs anytime you are in this facility. A great example is at the IWK, Subway and Tims is available early morning through the entire day till 0100 in the am. This facility did put in a new deli \"The Upper Crust\" adjacent to Tims on the 4th floor Robie exit at the HI site, which is great, but it closes at 1430 hrs, how was that an improvement A better possible Idea would be have that Deli open after the cafateria closes at 7 pm, and have it avail for the night staff and visitors till 1 or 2 am. I also have noted a great article in the Herald from yesterday, written by Rob Stevenson ( MD resident) in regards to the availability of unhealthy foods at all sites, he points out that this should be a concern delt with and as a place promoting health the facilities should do so with the food options aswell. Please help if you aggree with me on this, and lets get things to change. This is an online petition here is the site, pls pass this on


QE2 Health Staff


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    Lynn McKenna, Canada

    6 years ago Comments: The food in the cafeteria is based on profit, not health. As a staff member of the hospital I am appalled at the amount of caffeine drinks, sugary snacks and fried, greasy foods that we are offered. Nutrition Services should be taking an active lead in nutrition in the hospital, not only concerned with profits. I buy food from there only as a last resort.
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    Matt Lewington, Canada

    7 years ago
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    J. MacDonald, Canada

    7 years ago Comments: Healthy people and healthy communities don't start with chips and end with donuts. Yes, staff can bring a healthy lunch but many people are here though the night and the choices of 2 small pre-made sandwichespie or donuts for an outageous price are not becoming of this facility as the after 7PM choices.
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