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There are thousands of pets diagnosed with diabetes each year. PZI(Protamine Zinc Insulin) is an important medication in the control of many with diabetes. For some animals, PZI is the only insulin product that works. There must be a way to keep this medication on the market. PZI VET is derived from bovine and porcine pancreatic glands. At this time, there are no FDA-approved facilities for harvesting bovine pancreatic tissue. Where as it is necessary for the lives of some of our most beloved pets; and where as there are no comparable substitutions, we ask the FDA to make harvesting bovine pancreatic tissue possible. As Idexx is the only company that makes PZI we ask that they either give up the patent or continue to make the life saving product. This medication is not optional, it is necessary for life. On behalf of the animals with loving families who already devote so much to their care, do not let this medication expire.


Gwen Segal, on behalf of my baby girl, and all of the other beloved dogs and cats diagnosed each year with diabetes, wrote this petition. It is my duty to the animals who have adopted my family to provide the best care I can. Part of that care is advocacy. There are five cats and one dog in our family, and they each have their own special needs. I know that if they were human children no one would think twice about fighting for their care. Killer Sherlock Freddy Scooter Coal and Smokey are my children. Please help me help them!


This is a letter to vets letting them know that PZI is being discontined. Sugarcats has information related to feline diabetes, as well as other feline health concerns. We have messageboards, chat, electronic cats and a newsletter.


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    Ginie Morales, Philippines

    3 years ago US State: Puerto Rico
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    Ahmad Al-Alaiwat, Bahrain

    7 years ago US State: NY
    Comments: Be kind to animals. Consider the difference they make to our lives. Thank you.
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    Janette Cox, United States

    7 years ago US State: NC
    Comments: I have a diabetic cat that has been very stable on PZI for roughly seven years. This was the only insulin that worked well for her. I fear she will not survive long if she is unable to continue PZI after it runs out. I have another cat who is newly diabetic that did not respond to Vetsulin. He has been on Lantus (sp.) for a couple months now & has done okay. We did not put him on PZI for fear of it running out & having to change him. If I had assurance that PZI would continue, I would switch him to PZI. I hope there is a way to keep it in production!
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