We wanted a buff, not a nerf!!

Dear Valve,

Thank you for sticking two fingers up at the Pyro players of the TF2 fanbase. The Pyro needed a buff, not a nerf.

 Before this update, the Pyro acctually had some method of survival, which was his afterburn. This is one of the main Pyro strengths, as the Pyro does NOT excel in prolonged fights. He needs to get in, do damage, and get out. That was one of the main points of a Pyro. The AirBlast was added to the Pyro as a means to get closer and kill his prey from a longer range.

 And now, because of this update, the Pyro is now having a even harder time to fight. His main weapon was FIRE DAMAGE and AFTERBURN. Reducing the afterburn time and the damage of THREE WEAPONS that are the main reason why the Pyro gets his name is not very helpful for the Pyro. Look at his weapons: the Pyro has seven to choose, three of which deal fier damage, one of which needs the opponent to be on fire for it to be of any use. How can someone be a Pyro if most of your weapons dont do much damage.

Valve, you know what we want. Revert the damage and the afterburn time, and keep the changes to the airblast. Then, finally, the Pyro will actually have a chance to fight.

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    Harrison Kim, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I believe that this could help the endangered Pyro species in the right direction and to keep the ridiculously large numbers of Spy down.
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    uilyxujmei, United States

    3 years ago Comments: Zksi25 bprvazrvrykb, gaxvedqmozyg, bzndxgtavdjz, http://jesnlbdzqekp.com/
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    Blitz [2nd], Hong Kong

    5 years ago Comments: ...and also, the flamethrower now does less DPS than the SHOTGUN. Oh, and the REVOLVER. Stupid idea, If this update was to get rid of W+M1ing, you are not really observing players enough. W+M1ers get gunned down so easily, players stop doing that after their third try. You can do better, VALVe. I have seen your creativity and ingenuity, this is not the way to go. The point for ambushing is to kill then enemy before they can react, and the pyro's initial job is failed. I shall now herby declare this as 'The pyro's law of general class relativity'.
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