PWCS Winter Break 2013-2014 Extension

Prince William County Public Schools has decided to abolish the half-days associated with our former midterm exams - an unfair imposition on our much-needed time for rest, and relaxation. This burdens not only students, but imposes unnecessary strain on already minimized educational resources, and causes schedule conflicts due to families running off the pre-existing PWCS educational calendar.

We as students, teachers, families, and communities must band together to maintain a sense of order in our schedule. We have come to expect our School Board to do what is commonly accepted as the right thing to do - this is no exception. In place of our half-days, we are asking for a two- or three-day extension to our Winter Break, changing the dates from Dec. 23 - Jan. 1 to Dec. 23 - Jan. 3.

On top of signing our petition, we encourage you to contact your school board member, if not all of them. Here is their contact information:

Milton C. Johns, Chairman At-Large,,703.791.8709
Betty D. Covington, Potomac District,,703.221.0883
Michael I. Otaigbe, Ph.D., Coles District,,571.722.3357
Gilbert A. "Gil" Trenum, Brentsville District,,571.722.8874
Lisa E. Bell, Potomac District,,571.274.3045
Alyson A. Satterwhite, Gainesville District,,571.268.1733
Lille G. Jessie, Occoquan District,,571.659.1636
Loree Y. Williams, Woodbridge District,,571.242.8259

This is how the county (according to their website) wants you to contact them:
--Include your name
--Identify the school the issue is related to
--The name of the student(s) the issue/concern is related to, and the grade level(s)
--Identify the issue/concern/idea itself
--Please describe your concerns in 250 words or less.

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  • Laurel Siberts PWCS already has one of the longest school years (more days) that most systems. More is not always better. Reward the students and teachers for their hard work and give them the 2 days. It will reward the attendance office too since a large number of families will take these days anyway.

  • Michael MF Gennaro LEZZGO

  • Matt Stop Signing my name Im the one how keeps signing peoples name. My name is Matt Ravell

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