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This petition is in regards the current status of all Player vs Player associations in the online games City of Villains and City of Heroes. We feel that there is a lack of necessary attention in this portion of the game and it needs to be addressed immediately. Many players are leaving/have left due to this lack of attention. A wide variety of things in the game remain unbalanced or broken and are being neglected due to the majority of people that do not participate in the area of the games. The fact that the developers have stated that there is no PvP development team is shocking considering that it was released several issues ago. Furthermore, the developers at Cryptic Studios have gone on record making statements that assure us that there is very little importance to this area of the game and that it is being purposely neglected to achieve more options for the majority of the playing community. With this petition, we hope to show the developers that there is a community of people that are here for this part of the game and are unhappy with the current status of it in itself. We would like to remedy the situation by asking Cryptic to place staff members solely on the PvP portion of the CoX games. Several large Supergroups in the game have been contacted and are all 100% behind this petition. You may find their names at Please take the time to fill out the comment section when signing the petition with anything you think will contribute to the cause. Also add your global chat handle(s) and if your In Game/Quit Game/Leaving game because of this and if you would come back if addressed. Your global chat handles will be kept 100% confidential from the regular public and will only be used when submitting to Cryptic and NCsoft. Thank you.


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