hi! i'm lennard and i love skyrim! its the best rpg ever XDDD i think that capcum should release SHOUTS!!! FUS RO DAHXDDDD and u can like push monstrs away and stuff becoz skyrim did it and it'z cool XD i mean it has dragons and liek its a good gaem and all butz the ppl you play cant SHOUT!! like the shout FUS RO DAH XD would be like trolling the monstrs away from u and sum othr shouts that can do like attack + right?! cool right?! XDD so letz get enough petitions to make this an epic win XD and then send it to capcum and make them add DLC in the game!!! P.S. i'm going to make anuthur petition for PONIES!!!!! PONY ARMOR FOR MH3U XDD becuz if u can hav like a cat paw hammur you should has (not cheesebugur XDD) pony armur!!


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    Parkour Steve, United States

    2 years ago Comments: Fuck caleb gomez
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    Jon Anderson, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I think that this petition is really random XD, I like it. Ponies+skyrim+monster hunter, I love them all.Capcom please add this!
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    wmifwehe, Croatia

    2 years ago Comments: 1
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